Antonio Escalante


Multifaceted artist.

Exhibits, on a professional level, since 1994.

Having participated, during this time, in multiple individual and group art exhibits in Mexico, The United States and Europe.

His works have been featured in several publications in Mexico and abroad.

He has been involved in several theater, television and independent movie projects.

A founding member of “ LOS DE ABAJO “ printmaking group. Workshops located in

Self Help Graphics in East Los Angeles, Ca. U. S. A. And Colectivo PRAD in Tijuana, México.


Mixed media on canvas

59" x 39"

Childrens play.jpg

Children's play

Acrylic on paper

14" x 13"



Acrylic on canvas

65" x 51"



Acrylic on paper

18" x 24"

Path through the woods.jpg

Path Through the Forest

Acrylic on canvas

51" x 58"

Red composition.jpg

Red Composition

Acrylic on paper

20" x 24"