Álvaro Blancarte, expressive force.

Born in 1934 at the height of modernism; current of art that was characterized by its break with the old school.

Resolutely abstract, heir to a valuable spontaneity and the freedom he won with the rescue of primitive art that is translated into explosions of ground stone, cement and earthy pigments, like the memory of the earth.

His restless spirit has led him to provoke social changes and also to teach new artists in the last 50 years; master Blancarte in his constant experimentation with pictorial technique brings us voices from distant lands, his rigorous composition of concentrated poetry, results in an almost wild art of life, there is no rest in the search for formulas and the representation of the subconscious: Deep Baroque, esoteric , intellectual, step by step reaffirms its living roots in art.

His inspiration is in nature and in his genuine intention to provide foundations for a better world where peace and human brotherhood reign, he has become a tireless promoter of political, ecological and artistic changes, with his respectful example he has sown art in the most important study houses in northwestern Mexico, as well as murals and schools in different parts of the world.

The lineage where Álvaro Blancarte comes from celebrates the textures of the ancestors, it is a search and encounter pulse, mineral powders, stone reliefs, fossils of the oldest Fish in the world, evolutionary codes.

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