Artists Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Giorgio Santini Gallery of Fine Art, for us it is important to establish contact with professional artists, creators of original and quality art proposals.

Giorgio Santini Gallery of Fine Art is dedicated to representing Baja California resident artists who, regardless of their origin, have more than five years of residence in a city in our State. It is also important to mention that one of the requirements is that the artist has more than ten verifiable years dedicated to artistic creation.

If you meet these first two requirements and are interested in exhibiting and having your work for sale at Giorgio Santini Gallery of Fine Art, please email your information to and include the following:

-Your name in the subject line.

-Links to your website and social media pages.

-Also, you can send individual jpg images, attach no more than seven images with the name of the artist, the title of the work, technique and  dimensions in each file name.

-Artist Statement, biography or CV, history of exhibitions, grants / awards.

-Galleries in which currently exhibits your work.

-List of collectors (private, public and corporate), a history of recent sales in galleries, festivals or direct sales to individuals, as well as a general price list for your current work

-And other information that you consider relevant such as: future exhibitions, reviews,  press received.

We will gladly review your information, it is important that you know that in addition to the criteria listed above, the market profile we are targeting and the availability of physical space in the gallery also have weight when deciding.

After receiving the request, we will contact you to provide an answer within a period of no more than 30 days.




Giorgio Santini Gallery of Fine Art team